The Meaning Behind Our Name

An example of a spire on the Chrysler BuildingMany people have asked us why we chose the name Spire for our company.

The word "spire" is not frequently used in the United States. Here's a definition:

A tapering conical or pyramidal structure on the top of a building

Church steeples are an example of a spire, and you'll see spires on many skyscrapers in major cities around the world.

We Help Companies of All Sizes Stand Out
Just as a spire helps a building stand out among a crowd, we do the same thing for the organizations we serve.   If you have a product or service that the world needs to see -- or even just your local community -- we can help you "stand out." 

Since many of the companies we serve are small and medium-sized businesses, standing out is a necessity for survival.

The websites we design, and the marketing strategies we implement are designed to help your company succeed.  We want to serve as a "spire" of sorts for your company - to draw the type of visibility that leads to results.

Built to Last
Like an iconic building in a large city, Spire Advertising is built to last.  Our company has a solid foundation that's committed to building quality long-term relationships with our clients around the world.  Even in a tough economy, we've continued to grow steadily, yet conservatively.  We believe that our ongoing success will be a by-product of the emphasis we put into helping our customers succeed.

If you want to get results that help you stand out, look to Spire Advertising & Web Design.

How May We Help You?